IL CENTRO Shopping Mall Arese transformed the spreadsheet-based stores turnover data collection process into smart web-centralized process thanks to the “Smart Stores Turnover Manager” powered by eLegere.

Customer Profile

Customer Profile

IL CENTRO opened on the 14th April 2016 in Milan, Italy, and is one of the largest shopping malls built in one single phase in Italy, with 92,000 sqm of GLA and boasting over 200 shops, and 30 cafés and restaurants.

The shopping mall attracts visitors from one of the most affluent and wealthiest populations across North Milan, the Lakes, and Switzerland, with over 8 million within one hour reach. But what makes IL CENTRO unique and different is that it is not just a shopping center – typically a hermetic and decontextualized “retail box”. Instead, it is a permeable street with indoor buildings, indoor and outdoor squares, porticos, gates, and gardens.

IL CENTRO is also a sustainable large-scale shopping center, which is designed according to strict criteria of energy-saving and bio-sustainability, in line with the standards promoted by the U.S. Green Building Council to achieve the prestigious LEED ®Gold level certification.

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Business Needs

IL CENTRO’s main goal was to equip the shopping center with a centralized system for its commercial management, with the aim to have the data immediately available for monitoring all KPIs to carry out strategic business analyzes and strengthen its leadership in the sector.

This is why it was looking for a software platform that would be completely customizable according to specific needs but at the same time flexible, reliable, easy to use even by more than 200 tenants and that would allow to process data quickly.


With eLegere IL CENTRO managed to digitize processes previously managed via email or paper, optimizing the management of communications and data. The solution made it possible to reduce timing and errors related to the transcription of the data on the internal systems, thus speeding up the data input. The eLegere software also allowed for greater security in data management and governance.

The commercial management of the more than 200 tenants now proceeds in a totally digital and automated way, from the communication to the verification of the data shared by all the individual brands.

“Thanks to eLegere we were able to digitize communications with more than 200 tenants, optimize data management and KPIs monitoring that allow us to anticipate commercial choices aimed at maintaining our structure, strengthening our assets and our leadership in the sector.”

Barbara Landone

Vice Director
IL CENTRO – Shopping Mall Arese


Stores Turnover Collection Process go-live in 1 month

New processes setup & integration in 3 months

15 days to collect turnovers data from tenants

100% Data Quality & Governance achieved

80% process life-cycle efficiency enhancement

Solution implemented by other 5 Shopping Mall owned by FINIPER Group

30+ Smart APPs and 300+ interactive users created

Flexibility and simplicity in handling any change request

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