MACFIN Group chooses eLegere to improve strategic consulting services in the field of corporate organization, risk management, and compliance by offering web and mobile application solutions to solve customers' problems in an easy and fast way.

Customer Profile

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Customer Profile

MACFIN Group provides “tailor-made” management consulting services in strategic, organizational, and control areas.
They define effective and sustainable strategies, promote business innovation and improve corporate governance.

Since 1990 MACFIN has successfully assisted over 300 clients, supporting them in projects of change and in the evolution of governance structures. Among the services offered by MACFIN:

Advisory – Strategic planning, turnaround processes, and assistance in extraordinary transactions
Organization, IT & Controls – Efficient and innovative solutions to improve performance and the organizational and control structure
Risk & compliance – Effective solutions for business and compliance risk management

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Business Needs

MACFIN was seeking a single software solution to improve the strategic business consultancy and help drive digital finance transformation in the field of corporate organization, risk management, and compliance.

The main needs faced with the use of eLegere were:
• Implementation of quick and easy access to company information, such as the list of internal procedures, organization charts, and application systems in use
• Availability of updated, relevant and consistent data for operational management, decision-making processes, and reporting production
• Involvement of increasingly numerous contacts and with different operating methods in business processes management


By using eLegere MACFIN Group can now provide an even more strategic consultancy on management and control models and at the same time offer application solutions to handle them.

MACFIN has found in eLegere the most innovative and efficient SOP Management tool on the market, thanks to the quick set-up and start-up timing and the maximum customization of the app solutions to suit project goals and corporate processes, linked with the remarkable ease of adaption to changes over time (process, business, regulation changes, etc.).

The maximum adoption of the All-in-One low-code platform has allowed involving process owners in all the project phases, from the starting analysis, before the implementation, and during the change management activities.

Application Solutions

MACFIN currently uses eLegere platform for managing all processes related to corporate organization, risk management, and compliance which include:

Data and Documentation Collection and their systematization in the reference model (e.g. procedures classified according to the business process tree, risks assessed according to the reference methodologies).
Verification and consolidation of data and documentation collected by process managers (e.g. risk assessment reviews and adjustments)
Summary and detailed reports (e.g. KPIs & Dashboard) and historicization of data and documentation

“Thanks to eLegere Macfin is able to provide both management & control models consulting and the application solutions to manage them over time, further consolidating the ongoing partnership relationship with its customers.”

Alessandro Salibra Bove

Alessandro Salibra Bove



100% Data Management & Quality Assurance

100% Workflow control

Greater efficiency in process management

Adoption of best practices by design

Rapidity in Data Mining and in creating reports

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