Banca Progetto successfully transformed the spreadsheet based “Operative Risk Assessment & Evaluation” process into a web-centralized Smart Operational Process.

Customer Profile

Customer Profile

Banca Progetto was born in 2015 from the reorganization of Banca Popolare Lecchese by the Californian Oaktree fund. Led by the CEO Paolo Fiorentino, Banca Progetto operates in the household and business credit market also through the digital channel.

With offices in Milan and Rome and a commercial network on the entire national territory, Banca Progetto is specialized in services for small and medium-sized Italian companies and for private customers, such as products for private, public, and parastatal employees or retirees, and medium-long term loans to SMEs.

Business Needs

Banca Progetto was looking for software that could turn the Risk Assessment process based on a spreadsheet-based system into a lean and agile web-based process.

For them, it was important to find an All-In-One Platform that would optimize data acquisition & collection and allow the risk owners to manage, evaluate, analyze and enhance the data collected.

The main goal was to find a single solution to manage internal campaigns of Loss Data Collection and both Operative and Strategic Risk Assessment, including historical monitoring.

Moreover, Banca Progetto needed to automatize the Key Risk Indicators (KRI) analysis and reporting aimed at measuring the level of operational risk of the Bank’s main processes.


By using eLegere Banca Progetto turned the spreadsheet-based risk assessment processes into feature-rich web apps in a simple and fast way, without writing a single line of code.

The All-In-one software helped to simplify the data collection process and create a data repository to be used for analysis, regulatory compliance, and strategic reporting.

The numerous advantages offered by eLegere, including the easy-to-use digital interaction on any device, have made it possible to make the data acquisition methods and their possibility of use more flexible. The access to a structured and modular data model also allowed Banca Progetto to add new functions to the web & mobile software applications created with eLegere in order to exploit the existing database and relationships for other control or collection of other information.

The bank has also streamlined the Operational Data Loss process through a guided and predefined workflow, making it more effective and usable for internal users.

Through eLegere, Banca Progetto has gained in productivity, efficiency and functionality, freeing up internal resources previously necessary for the preparation and setting phases of annual assessment campaigns.

“eLegere represents an effective solution in response to the efficiency, flexibility, and redesign of operational process needs.”

Roberto Russo

Chief Risk Officer
Banca Progetto


go-live in 3 months

100% Data Quality & Governance achieved

80% process life-cycle efficiency enhancement

50% application delivery time & cost reduction

Flexibility and simplicity in handling any change request

More effectiveness in managing campaigns with internal structures

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